Recovery That Restores Your Body and Mind

Love to Relax and Recover? It All Starts in Your Brain.

Everyone knows that love starts with chemicals in your brain, but few people know that relaxation and recovery are both exactly like love, they start with chemicals in your brain, and those chemicals are guided by your brain’s current state. Trying to force your brain into relaxation from a stressed or fatigued state is nearly impossible, that’s where NuCalm and our patented neuroacoustics come in. Trying to force your brain to kickstart the regenerative cellular processes necessary for physical healing? NuCalm does that too.

NuCalm® is the world’s first and only patented neuroscience technology clinically proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality – without drugs. NuCalm’s 6 channels give you the power and control to slow down and recharge anywhere, any time. NuCalm predictably and quickly “flips the switch” from high cortisol and adrenaline to deep relaxation. This allows your body to stop the flood of cortisol and transition away from the stress response, into deep relaxation and restoration.

NuCalm quickly slows your mind and body and activates your brain-heart-lung connection to optimize diaphragmatic breathing, oxygen-rich red blood cell flow, optimal recovery and muscle recovery. With NuCalm, your mind wanders (in Theta brainwave length) and your body idles in its optimal recovery state.

A 20 minute NuCalm session allows you to go from stressed and out of control, to a state of deep calm and balance. A complete NuCalm session (to your natural endpoint) will allow your body to achieve complete balance of your autonomic nervous system. Your physiology will be optimized and your mind will be clear and focused. Stress will not interfere with your decision making.

NuCalm also provides the neurophysiology and biochemistry necessary for improving sleep and managing circadian rhythm dysfunction. A better night’s sleep will also contribute to better stress management and resiliency. By restoring autonomic nervous system balance, NuCalm helps you kick stress to the curb, while restoring your body’s natural rhythms, allowing you to recover and optimize your biological systems to achieve peak performance.

Stress: The Silent Killer

The biggest challenge with stress is that you cannot see it. You can certainly feel it – psychologically, emotionally and physically. You can see the impact of stress in many forms physiologically – cancer, heart disease, diabetes, IBS, auto-immune diseases, etc. It’s imperative to your health and happiness to be able to manage stress and not be managed by it. By incorporating a healthy, regular relaxation & recovery tool such at NuCalm, you can effectively manage stress, allowing sleep, diet, and exercise activities to become easier. Removing stress is addition by subtraction.

First, consider the difference between psychological stress vs. physical stress. A real stressor (a short-term physical danger) activates a survival stress response. This short-term stress response results in an adrenaline “rush”, resulting in high energy, increased blood pressure, intensified learning & memory; it also shuts off all non-essential systems, such as digestion, reproductive and growth systems, thus allowing your body to maximize your chances of survival. Once the physical threat is gone, all systems are quickly restored to normal working function.

Similarly, physchological stress elicits the same response. Making your mortgage payment, going through a divorce, juggling your family, job and kids schedules, are all chronic, psychological stresses only created by humans. This results in an unreal and chronic stress response, triggering an unnecessary release of stress hormones, such as cortisol and adrenaline. A constant state of psychological stress, often manifested by a lack of sleep, can result in a multitude of health issues (suppressed immune system, slowed metabolism, high blood pressure, etc.). This is just “a day in the life…” to us, but comes with dire physiological, neurological and biochemical consequences. Simply put, the evolution of the human body has not yet caught up to our new age lifestyle.


The Science of Stress and Addiction

Stress propels substance use disorders (SUD) at all stages of the disease. It increases your risk of developing a SUD, it negatively reinforces it, and it often is the cause of relapse. Not only does stress contribute to the disorder, but the disorder also causes pathological changes to the stress response circuitry in your brain and increases your vulnerability to stressors. By eliminating stress with NuCalm, you can stop the development of addiction and get back on your feet. NuCalm acts directly on the HPA-axis of the stress response circuitry to inhibit chronic stress and create stress resiliency.

Substance use disorders, or addiction disorders, are diagnosed according to the criteria they meet in the DSM-5 indicating that prolonged use of a psychoactive compound, including nicotine, alcohol, cannabinoids, opioids, depressants, stimulants, and hallucinogens, has led to both behavioral and physical changes that interfere with one’s daily life.
• Substance misuse is often a negative coping mechanism as it provides an escape from pain or stress
• Substances are often misused as they provide relief or mood enhancement.
• The negative and positive reinforcements of using substances propel harmless misuse into consequential abuse and dependency
• Prolonged substance use changes the brain circuitry of pathways involving response to reward and stress, which causes users to develop behaviors that are more reward-seeking and more vulnerable or sensitive to stressors.
• Changes in the brain neurocircuitry make it very challenging to quit using and difficult to recover from using substances

Because of this vicious cycle, with stress as the root cause, relapse rates for substance use disorders are close to 40-60%. By targeting stress amidst this whole cycle, one’s risk of developing a substance use disorder (SUD) may be reduced, pathological changes to stress response circuitry may be altered, and relapse may be prevented.

The Science of Stress and Aging

Wrinkles, skin spots and graying hair are caused by aging cells that divide less and begin to die. Chronic stress is a major contributor to cell aging. NuCalm is all natural, patented, clinically proven neuroscience that quickly resolves stress for your mind and body.

Typical signs of aging such as wrinkles, skin spots, and graying hair can be associated with cellular senescence – the aging of cells. High levels of stress may contribute to cell aging. Studies have demonstrated that high levels of cortisol, a result of chronic stress, are associated with shortened DNA telomeres. DNA telomeres are the ends of the chromosomes that keep them from deteriorating. When shortened, they will no longer be able to keep chromosomes intact causing cells to die or stop dividing. Links have been found between shortened telomeres and many physical and neuropsychological disorders such as arthritis, heart disease, and major depressive disorder.

NuCalm is designed to treat stress at the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis. It kickstarts a “negative feedback loop” to shut off the HPA axis when high levels of cortisol are detected. Reducing cortisol in the body slows the rate at which telomeres shorten and cells age.

NuCalm reboots cell electrical equilibrium which is critical to cell health and stability. NuCalm’s neuroacoustic software forces the Alpha-Theta crossover; a phenomenon where the brain oscillates between 7-8Hz and indicates hypnagogia, a transitional state between wakefulness and sleep. These electrical pulses are transmitted throughout the body and reset the sodium and potassium ions at the cellular membranes. This cellular reboot is one of the main reasons that the results from a Harvard Medical School study indicate that a 45-minute exposure of NuCalm is the equivalent of a 2-5 hour deep restorative nap.

By shutting off the stress response to decrease cellular cortisol levels and by rebooting cellular electrical equilibrium to increase cell health and stability, NuCalm has the potential to slow the rate at which cells age.

Backed by over 30 years of clinically proven neuroscience, NuCalm’s patented neuroacoustic software effectively turns your mobile device into a remote control for your brain.

Our science may be complex, but using NuCalm is simple, reliable, and drug free. Harnessing the power of your brain requires nothing more than the NuCalm mobile app, your best headphones, and sometimes an eye mask. Our recommendation for helping you recover, restore, and get into balance is CORE, which consists of Rescue, PowerNap, and FlowState


Rescue provides the strongest recovery and cellular restoration available and puts you back in control. It reliably flips the switch on stress allowing you to move beyond fear, anxiety, depression, or worry on demand. You will be more present, more responsive and patient with stressors, as opposed to reactive and emotionally sabotaged. Rescue is the key channel for balance, good health, immune strength, resilience, and longevity.


Recover and recharge in just 20 minutes. PowerNap is the perfect channel to fight back against poor sleep, jet lag, the afternoon doldrums, or to restore and get ready in the shortest time possible.


Get into flow, calm your mind, relax, and restore while accessing your creative insights and opening your mind to new, inspired ideas.

Get the strongest recovery and cellular restoration available. CORE reliably flips the switch on stress and improves your sleep quality so you can move beyond fear, anxiety, depression, or worry on demand, and with no drugs. CORE will improve your health, immune strength, resilience, and longevity.



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NuCalm subscriptions are SOFTWARE ONLY
NuCalm biosignal processing discs are SOLD SEPARATELY

The Patented Biosignal Processing Disc 

Your body is an electrical conduit filled with conductive saline. Our Patented Biosignal Processing Discs create an electical feedback loop directly to your brain, using frequency resonance to calm your autonomic nervous system and prime your body and mind for recovery.

What’s in It?

Our Biosignal Processing Discs contain ZERO drugs. The design you see on the outside houses small bits of copper that hold an very light electrical charge.

How Does it Work?

When Applied to the Pericardium 6 accupressure point, the charge in the disc is activated by your body’s Gauss Field, the natural electromagnetic field that surrounds every human. Once activated, the disc produces a frequency that instructs your brain to begin creating the Neurotransmitter GABA.

Is It Safe?

Absolutely 100% Safe for pets, children, plants, or any living thing. The minute charge in the discs cannot shock you. GABA is already present in your body, and is safe at any level, its primary purpose is to supress your autonomic nervous system (stress response) and help you begin to relax.

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