This ministry and outreach program began many years ago long before I returned home from New York City. It was divine intervention when I met the right group of Catholic Christians proclaiming in missionary zeal in honor of the great commission and command of Our Lord to declare the truth of the gospel to make disciples of all nations and peoples (Mt 28:19-20). No different than the Spirit that moved the Prophets and Apostles to go forth in religious fervor to share the truth of Jesus Christ through His Church, such was that same Spirit alive in a remnant in these Christians in grass roots evangelization as instruments of salvation to win souls with speaker phones, signs, bible tracks, and pocket bibles of Catholic dogma in honor of sacred scripture and sacred tradition under the authority of the Magisterium in the authentic, infallible interpretation of God’s Word. All things were at their disposal by the power of the Spirit in defense of the truth wherever they were called to go unwavering in conviction in peace to promote the gospel of Jesus through the Church: at abortion mills, the public garden, train stations, protests in peaceful demonstrations against war and newly obtained civil rights contrary to divine law, to lay hands in fellowship and prayer over any person, feeding the poor, clothing the homeless, encouraging the addicted to overcome sin and affliction and not despair, in praise and worship services in thanksgiving to God, and witnessing to the transformation power by the Holy Spirit and the Divine Mercy within their souls made alive in the love the Trinitarian life to lead any person to salvation in Jesus Christ through His Church.

Now the ministry has expanded to radio, “Benedict’s Hammer”. It is true, I never entered nor studied theology in any Catholic university or seminary, but rather obeyed my call in contemplative prayer to be led under the impulse and tutorage of the Holy Spirit in obedience to the declared truths of Jesus Christ through the Magisterium (Mk 3:20-22, Jn 7:15, Mk 16:15-16, 2Jn 9-11). I am self taught by the grace of God and referenced and leveraged the treasury and merits of the Church and the Saints built upon the law, the Prophets and the Apostles, (Eph 2:19-22) to further understand the dogmatic teaching of Jesus Christ in divine revelation of sacred scripture and tradition: In Ecumenical Councils and Synods in canons and decrees, Papal Encyclicals, Ecumenical Council Encyclicals, Catechisms (De Fide) over the centuries, the Code of Canon Law, Church Doctors, Theologians, Bishops, Priests, Deacons, and Sisters of the faith.

I did pursue higher education some time ago, and received accreditation in the field of business, and if time permitted, perhaps this would have been the case in the field of theology. Like those who went ahead of me in this ministry, I too was a cradle Catholic, like the members of this ministry, who always strived to deepen my faith and knowledge in Jesus Christ through His Church and realized my human weakness along the way, but my life took a turn for the best many years ago to firmly place me on this road until the end of days. Hopefully, beginning in the Northeast, this program will sweep across all major cities in the United States to assist this initiative to prepare all for the coming of Jesus Christ and to share the divine truth of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ handed down in the deposit of faith, revealed to us in His All Powerful Word in the canon of sacred scripture in the glorious tradition taught through the infallible Magisterium of the Supreme Pontiff and Communion of Bishops.

We are not supported by any diocese within the Roman Catholic Church and everything we have done has been by the grace of God in the spiritual gifts he has bestowed upon each one us through the sacramental economy of the Church (Acts 1:5, 1Cor 12:4-13) beginning with justification in baptism (Jn 3:5, Tit 3:5-7), and the gifts in the Holy Spirit in the sacrament of confirmation (Jn 3:34, Acts 1:5, Acts 8:14-17) in participation with the Holy Eucharist in the ongoing work of sanctification (Jn 6:52-58, Mt 26:26-28). Each of us is simply obedient to our call and invitation to share in the Trinitarian life to make disciples of all nations in submission to the will of God by the Church with the Pope and Communion of Bishops.

The hour is at hand as we are quickly approaching the close of this age, so listen intently and hear the gospel of salvation preached in the power and conviction of God's Word in hope all humankind receives the love and mercy of God in the virtue of repentance; thanks be to Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the ROCK and Cornerstone, and through the intercessory prayers of Our Beautiful Blessed Mother Mary and all the angels and saints, in heaven and upon the earth, the One Body of Christ, under the authority of the Pope (Kephas, the rock) and Communion of Bishops in the majesty, the power, and the glory of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church, the Pillar and Bulwark of the Truth, world without end, Amen. (Mt 5:17-18, Mt 16:16-19, 1Tim 3:15) Grace and Peace from the Immortal One, the King of all ages, Jesus Christ the Lord, the Messiah of Israel, the One True God! (1Tim 6:15-16)

Thus says the Lord, the God of Israel, the God of His One True Church, "Repent, and believe the good news, the kingdom of heaven is at hand!" (Mal 4:5-6, Mt 3:1-3, Lk 3:15-17)

Thank you for calling and sharing, and may we take our next call please...